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Angebote für Menschen mit Demenz und anderen altersbedingten Gedächtnisstörungen

Betreuung für Betroffene, Entlastung für Angehörige

Caring for a family member who has memory problems or suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia is no easy task. The patient needs a lot of support, and the caring relative needs a lot of patience and empathy – sometimes around the clock. The burden on caring relatives and families often reaches the limits of what is affordable. The social station offers you relief through care in the social station or at your home. The focus of care is on loving care and attention towards those affected. The employment offers always relate to the guests‘ existing skills.

Mögliche Beschäftigungen können sein

Betreuungsgruppen in den Räumen der Sozialstation

Einzelbetreuung zu Hause

Kostenübernahme für Betreuungsnachmittage

The costs of the care allowance can be covered by the nursing care insurance companies.
We will be happy to advise you in full, even at your home if necessary.

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